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Led Lamp

Sell led body infrared sensor lights,energy saving lamps

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Sell led body infrared sensor lights,energy saving lamps
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led body infrared sensor lights, energy saving lamps
 Product Description
 1. Lamp Type: E27/E26/GU10
 2. Operating voltage: AC 230/110V
 3. induction type: body sensor
 4. Lighting Power: 1.2W
 5. Delay time: 1 minute ± 10 seconds, the volume adjusted according to customer requirements when
 6. Sensor angle: 100 degrees
 7. sensing distance: 5 meters
 8. Overall dimensions: ¢ 50mmX70mm
 9. Life: 50000h
 10. Packing size: 52 * 52 * 72mm
Top quality and competitive price!
  Having Utility model patent certificate and Business license.
Characteristics of LED lighting products
First, security: the low-power, low surface temperature, no inflatable, shock;
Second, the energy conservation: energy than ordinary light bulbs with more than 90% energy saving than normal energy-saving lamps more than 50%;
Third, the power: our LED lighting, wattage 0.5 - 10W between the meters are basically fixed;
Fourth, long life: LED lighting in 50,000 hours or more;
Fifth, environmental protection: Do not emit harmful gases, non-metal components.
We supply LED lighting products manufacturer specializing in the design, development, production, sales and service in one of the supporting enterprises. Advocacy of "energy saving" low energy, low consumption, low cost of the "low-carbon life" policies to promote the harmonious development of society. Broad prospects for LED lighting products, we sincerely hope to cooperate with you, mutual win-win situation.

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