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Thunderbolt defibrillator TW-11

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Thunderbolt defibrillator TW-11
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  • Model:TW-11
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Thunderbolt defibrillator TW-11
Technical parameters:
1, Input Voltage: 6VDC
2, current consumption ≥ 2.5A
3, the output voltage: 500KV more
4, Weight: 140g
5, Size: 115 × W 55mm × 23mm thick

TW-11-type high-power electronic devices to use riot:
1, the user before use, requires the use of product configuration for charging built-in charger, charging time of 10-12 hours; (Charging Method: Tap the button charging plug, the introduction of charging plug into the 220V power supply can, at this time, the red charging indicator light, the charge is completed. the charging plug to push back)
2, lighting, electric switch for the whole set and the top power-down state. Switch the light electric shock to open a file down lighting, electric power down to second gear indicator (green) light, touch electric switches to use electric shock function.

TW-11-type high-power electronic riot control key functions and applications:
* Large-capacity DC discharge, the output energy, defense effective.
* Super bright LED lights, lighting a long time.
* Compact, easy to carry;
Unique built-in charger, reliable performance.
* Product appearance unique, beautifully designed.
1, is appropriate to shock the body limbs, electric shock, be not more than 3 seconds, criminals lose their ability to resist, stop electric shocks, to avoid accidents. Do not shock the human head, heart and other parts of vital organs. Do not touch a heart or those with cardiac devices from Bo.
2, Do not put wet storage place, not to sun, rain, not on the high and low temperature environment.
3, equipped with the special charger, the charging current is not too large; charger polarity can not be reversed; charging time not too long, otherwise it will shorten the battery life, and even cause the battery burst and damage the battery. One month deposit, check, charge, more than a month's long-term storage, should be placed in dry, well-ventilated room, should one charge each month. Charge should be 5 minutes after the use of lighting or electric shock after about lighting, or easy to damage the bulbs.
4, is strictly prohibited on the person's head, heart area and use to rabbit dangerous. High self-control is strictly prohibited children play.
5, use illegal purposes is strictly prohibited, and the consequences borne by the customer, the factory does not bear any responsibility.
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