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Yiwu Invites Enterprise Headquarters to Settle Down

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July 20 is the day that the administration committee of Yiwu economic development zone publicized the policy of headquarters economy to global enterprises. The construction of headquarters economic area in Yiwu Economic Development Zone with the concept of "high-tech metropolis, industrial platform and city landmark" has officially kicked off. This project has drawn the great attention of almost 50 chambers of commerce and trade associations in Yiwu.

A new pole for Yiwu economic growth
It is learned that the headquarters economic area is located in the center of Yiwu Economic Development Zone with its core function of establishing headquarters of manufacturing, R&D and information industries. It covers an area of 240mu with a total building area of 1. 5 million square meters. The first phase of headquarters economic area will build 16 buildings in section A and B with each building accommodating only 15-30 enterprise headquarters. The neighboring cultural center, shopping center and star hotels are also in urgent planning.

A staff member said that if a Yiwu enterprise wants to invest in a headquarters building individually in the area, the registered capital of the firm should be over 50 million yuan, the net asset value should be over 100 million yuan, its asset-liability ratio should be lower than 60% and in recent 3 years its tax should be among the first 50 in Yiwu. The tax of non - Yiwu enterprise in the previous year should be over 8 million yuan in addition to the same requirements of registered capital, the net asset value and the asset-liability ratio for local enterprises. Besides, the enterprises that returned to Yiwu can build a headquarters building with a registered capital of over 30 million yuan, a net asset value of over 80million yuan, an asset liability ratio of less than 60% and a tax of over 6 million yuan in the previous year. If it is a construction firm, it will be required to have a first-class qualification, a total output value of over 200 million yuan and a tax of over 6 million yuan in the previous year.

Zhu Riwen, vice president of Yiwu General Chamber of Commerce, thought that as an emerging city, there's a great distance between Yiwu and those developed cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. Shenzhen and Hangzhou in facilities. To develop headquarters economy, Yiwu should focus on its advantage of commodities and attract big firms engaged in R&D of commodities and logistics. Even the top 500 firms may have relations with commodities market and want to exploit new markets through Yiwu commodities market. So when Yiwu really creates a good environment, those firms may settle down in Yiwu one after another.
Promoting the construction of famous international trade city
The construction of Yiwu Headquarters economic area has three modes: enterprise investment, co-investment led by chambers of commerce, and government investment. It means that the "chamber building", which has been the concern of many chambers of commerce in Yiwu, may be constructed under the guidance of government.

Yiwu headquarters economic area will focus on introducing headquarters or regional headquarters of manufacturing groups, functional headquarters of administration, R&D, purchasing, logistics, finance, investment and marketing; headquarters or regional headquarters of professional service in design, information, logistics and intermediation, and headquarters or regional headquarters of construction groups.

"If enterprises can settle down here, we can choose samples in Yiwu International Trade Mart, talk business in headquarters buildings, confirm orders in Wenzhou and deliver goods in Yiwu. So, the advantages, including the rich information in Yiwu International Trade Mart, the swift decision and integrated resources of headquarters, experienced Wenzhou manufacturers and advanced Yiwu logistics can combine together to bring benefits to firms. That's a very attractive prospect." A business owner from Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce told us.

It is learned that the policy of headquarters economy of Yiwu Economic Development Zone with high standard can choose the best enterprises to settle down on one hand, on the other hand, it requires marketing department to find partners in a wider range. The marketing department needs to take this opportunity to learn from Hanghzou the experience of developing headquarters economy and finds some good partners there.



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