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Yiwu Markets

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Yiwu Markets
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1. Where is Yiwu city?

Yiwu is a city in central Zhejiang Province in China. It is 300 kilometers away from Shanghai, one-hour trip to Hangzhou International Airport and is also adjacent to the Oriental Super Port – Ningbo Port. Yiwu is world famous for its largest wholesale market of consumer goods and called as “a city based on the market” and “paradise for the purchasers”. Down Yiwu maps,click here

2. How many professional markets are there in Yiwu city?

China Commodity City has three market clusters of International Trade Mart, Huangyuan Market and Binwang Market. The International Trade Mart is the main one and the biggest, and it is divided into four districts.Products are from around 50 industries and of 2,500 categories.
International Mart ( District 1 );
International Mart ( District 2 );
International Mart ( District 3 );
International Mart ( District 4 );
International Mart ( District 5 )--New. For more details, Click Here

3. Who comes to Yiwu market?

1.More than 30 000 factories & 10 000 wholesalers from all over China have showroom in YIWU Market.
2.More than 100 000 wholesalers purchase goods in Yiwu market and sell to all over China.
3.More than 10 000 foreign buyer purchase goods in Yiwu market and export to all over world.
4.Owner or buyer of store, supermarket, dollar shop, trade company, importer, wholesaler from all over the world, like WAL-MART and so on buy goods in Yiwu market.
5.Amount of goods exported from Yiwu Market to
USA: more than USD200 million
Eastern-South Asian: more than USD330 million
United Arab Emirates: more than USD180 million
Russia: more than USD150 million
UE: more than USD570 million
Southern America: more than USD610 million
Oceania: more than USD30 million
Africa: more than USD120 million
Welcome to Yiwu Market to start your business.

4. Why choose Yiwu market?

Why more than 200 000 foreign buyers come to Yiwu Market to purchase goods every year? Every one has their own different answers.1.More than 300 000 kinds of commodity, you can find almost any thing here2.Most suppliers are directly from factory, so price are very low3.You can purchase even 1 ctn per item with wholesale price4.Only cost few minutes to visit a show room5.You can put more than 200 kinds of goods to a container6.English packing for sale in foreign market7.Latest designs, every people know "NO NEW DESIGN,NO BUSINESS" here8.Thousands of factories around here, its easy to visit some factories only cost one day9.Honest businessmen, nicer commercial atmosphere10.Beautiful & safe city11.More than 500 hotel and restaurants12.Convenient traffic to send goods or travelMore foreign purchaser come here, more factories come to Yiwu to set showroom, it makes Yiwu Market become more and more competitive. Authority conclude Yiwu Market will be the center of international trade of commodity.Welcome to Yiwu to start your fortune tour.

5. Predominance of Yiwu

If you plan to purchase large quantity of single items, you may find prices of following items are almost lowest in the World:
1.Imitation jewelry: more than 2000 factories in Yiwu city
2.Socks & Stocking: more than 1000 factories
3.Shirts:more than 1000 factories
4.Zipper:more than 500 factories
5.Stationery:Ballpoint pen, notebook, eraser, glue, adhesive tape, paint brush
6.Scarfs,shawl,neckerchief,gloves(magic glove, leather glove, protecting gloves): more than 500 factories
7.Table cloth, straw
8.Photo frame & picture frame, more than 100 factories
9.Artifical flowers, plastic flowers, more than 100 factories
10.Fashion Belts, strap, buckle
11.Hand bag, cosmetic bag, school bag, sports bag, wallet, briefcase.
Please note: some factories only have 5-10 workers, and some factories have more than 2000 workers.If you want to buy only 1 ctn or a couple of ctns per item, yiwu market will absolutly be your best choice. You can find almost anything you want!

6. How to do business in Yiwu market

When you come to Yiwu, we will book hotel for you and we could pick you up at Shanghai, Hangzhou or Yiwu airports .

1.Go to market and visit boothes one by one, we will arrange for a translator to go to market with you
2.Choose interested items, write down item No, price, pcs/ctn, Measure of ctn, take samples or take photos.
3.We make Proformer Invoice for you,incoluding price, amount, CBM and frieght if need.
4.You send 30% deposit to our account by T/T , then we order goods from suppliers (quantity of suppliers can be 5-100 per container).
5.We collect goods and inspect goods in our warehouse
6.We make a list of received goods,and Email you together withe inspection report.Then, you send balance to us
7.We book container and arrange shipment.
8.We send a full set of documents to you for coustom clearance at your side.
It will be very easy to do business in Yiwu Market.We just act as a sourcing and export agent, it means you have an office in Yiwu. You may also send us enquiries or ask us questions when you are not in Yiwu.

If you want to go to Yiwu markets to have a quick look,click here .

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Agent Service


  Greetings to you! If you feel Yiwu procurement is not convenient, don't worry, let us to deal with for you. As a professional purchase / export agent in Yiwu city, we offer the agent service of buying,sourcing,quality control inspection,merchandiser, shipping,export,translation,markets & factories guiding,booking hotel etc. We just charge  2% of total container amount as our commission. If you only request us to be your translater and guider in short time, we only charge USD25 / day for the guiding&translation service on visiting all the Yiwu markets. We would like to be your honest, economic, reliable and long-term partner in China.
  Welcome to contact us.
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