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Yiwu Sanitary Ware Market

Yiwu Sanitary Market
The location of Yiwu Sanitary Market is on the third floor, district 2, International trade city.
  Yiwu Sanitary Market is one of the largest markets in Yiwu. Some shops are in the International trade city. Others are in the Yiwu House Decoration city.

  Yiwu is centre market of the sanitary factory. These factories treat Yiwu as the showrooms of the productions, especially the new models. So they always like to display the new sanitary ware in suspicious place of the shop.
Most of the shops in the sanitary market are the direct seller of factories. So the price is low. Others are the agents and distributors. Most of the factories are around Yiwu city or Zhejiang province. Some factories are out of Zhejiang province including the Chinese top brands. If you want to have more cooperation with the suppliers, you can test the samples and visit their factories.
  You can look around the shops and find those meet the local customers’ need and taste. Because according to the different customs and culture, the local people may have different taste of the productions. In this sanitary ware market, the suppliers can not only provide you their models, but they can produce the model designed by the customers. However, if you want they produce as your model, there must have a large quantity. Mostly, the models in the shop are just the samples, some in stock; some not. If you want to buy a sample, it will be much expensive if they have only one.
  In some shops, small mixed orders are not very difficult. Some buyers run a small shop oversea and some just want to have a try order to see if the designs can sell well, so they don’t want to place a large order. The mixed designs and mix colors is allowed here in shops. But the minimum order quantity is very different from shop to shop here.
And you should pay attention to the following instructions if you are shopping in sanitary ware market. Put yourself in comfortable clothes. Business-leisure would be perfect. Formal, elegant suit is rare here. Ask for permission before taking photos. Smoke only in the smoking room or in the lobby.
  Welcome to Yiwu Sanitary Market!

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