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Yiwu Export Agent

As professional Yiwu export agent in Yiwu China, our business service included:
1)Yiwu Hotel reservation,if needed,
2)Airport pick up and see off,if needed,
3)Interpreter, translation services in Yiwu China,
4)Yiwu Market guide and sourcing,
5)take you to visit factories nearby Yiwu city,
6)inspection and quality control,
7) Collecting Goods,
8) warehousing,
9) Logistic service (inland, sea or air transportation, warehouse and storage, inspection and quarantine),
10) Custom clearance and all necessary documents,
11) Out sourcing,processing according to your sample or drawings.
12) inspection go to the factory in another city for your products processing,(charge travel fees and living hotel fees and 300rmb/day salary)

Contact us for all you need, reasonale affordable export agent commission charge for your purchasing in Yiwu China!

Yiwu YongQi, professional Yiwu export Agent. If you are looking for yiwu export agent, or need export agent in yiwu market in yiwu city, China, please feel free to contact us.

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Contact: Mr. Niko

Phone: +8613750925921

Tel: WeChat:+8613750925921

Email: agent.yiwu.china@gmail.com

Add: F6010-6011,MingHao Building,BingJiang Road,Yiwu,China

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