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Yiwu Electric Products Market

Yiwu Electric Products Market
Location: 3rd Floor, District 2 of International Trade City.

Yiwu Electric products Market is placed in the 4th floor of Futian market phase 2, the district F or G.

This market is mixed with hardware and tools market and electronic market. So, frankly, we don’t have a number of how many electric shops there, but what we have is a number of the electronic and electric shops. It is about 1,000.
Electric planer, scales, electric grinder…are commom products in this area. There are such many products that it is not easy to describe it in words. The best way is to come here and have a look. You are going to find a paradise to start your business in a new era.
A typical booth, which is about 4*4*3 meters, always has one or two assistant to keep the shop and offer the services. When you have a round there and ask the information of price, most of them would get a help from calculators to tell the price. And if you need know more information, it is going to be a little harder.
For samples, it is believed that in this area samples is not allowed because the price of single one is expensive. They are delicate and even high-tech devices .
As we know, god gives everyone fair chances. There are no samples in yiwu electric market, but the minimum order is smaller than that in other sections like comestic and toy market.
Price has a range from cents to thousands dollars according to what kind products are. Don’t worry! You still can purchase lots dollar items.
As we mentioned, it is not easy to get full information about the products from the sellers.

Welcome to Yiwu Electric Products Market.

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