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Shantou to Yiwu

From Shantou to Yiwu:

Shantou, near Shenzhen and Guangzhou, is famous for toys. Welcome to Yiwu vis Shantou!

Flights from Shantou to Yiwu:

1 flight leaves from Shantou Waisha Airport to Yiwu Airport each day except weekends.

Departure 08:30 Arrive 09:45.
Full price is 830 RMB. If you can book 4 weeks in advance, you can usually have around 70% off. Just 250.00CNY/economic. They will 50 RMB more for airport building and fuel tax.

Trains from Shantou to Yiwu:

Sorry, no direct trains go to Yiwu from Shantou yet. You can choose to go to Guangzhou first then go to Yiwu from there if you really want trains.
Or maybe just forget it…

Buses from Shantou to Yiwu:

There are several inter province buses leave from Shantou for Yiwu each day. They usually leave at the afternoon and arrive in the early morning.
It can take up to 17 or 18 hours, and the price is around RMB 330.

Taxi Fees from Yiwu Airport, Yiwu Train Station to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel

#1 Taxi Fees from Yiwu Airport to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel: 35 RMB – 50 RMB, according to your hotel location.
#2 Taxi Fees from Yiwu Yiwu Train Station to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel: 30 RMB – 50 RMB, according to your hotel location.

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