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How to do business in Yiwu

How to do business in Yiwu?
 There are about 300,000 customers from more than 215 countries around the world coming to Yiwu for sourcing in Yiwu market, then export to their own country. How do they start? How to do business in Yiwu?
 First, you should tell us what items you are looking for, the quality, quantity, packaging details, destination, your schedule and any other requests. Then we will make appropriate arrangements according to your needs. If it’s necessary, we’ll guide you to visit the markets or factories. And we suggest that you'd better come to Yiwu by yourself,because you can't know clearly only from product's photos colors, you should feel it by yourself.
 Second, we will arrange two translators to company you to the Yiwu wholesale market and visit shops one by one. All you have do is to choose the products and check price, our staff will write down the item No., price, quantity, measurement of carton, take samples or take photos. At last, we will make a quotation with price list, pictures, total quantity and volume for you.
 Third, we will make an invoice including all of your products item,price cbm packing etc for your confirming the order, if no any problem,you have to remit 50% amount to our account by T/T (price is as same as supplier offer to you), and we’ll order goods from suppliers (Each container is allowed to hold goods from 5-100 suppliers).  Before we collect goods and inspect them in our warehouse 15 days in advance,you have to send the balance money to our account. So that we can pay for the balance money to suppliers when we collecting goods,any quantity and quality problem we will let you know. Then we will book container, arrange for shipment, dispatch all the goods to you.

 Forth, the most important is that as a professional trading agency, we are your reliable business parner when you are not in China. If you have some products in need in china, we will give you the quotation as soon as possible and send popular and latest products information to you.

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